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Go free until your court date when you post bail bonds with the bonding services of Ace1 Bail Bonds LLC in Middletown, Yonkers, and Poughkeepsie, New York. Our prompt 24/7 bail bondsman service will help you out in any way we can. Contact us to learn more about our bail bonds.

Posting Bail Bonds
First we must contact the prison to verify the total amount of your bail bonds. If the total is correct, we will immediately post bail to get you out of prison as soon as possible. You must then follow our instructions to stay out of trouble and show the judge that you are responsible enough to remain in society, rather than prison.

Bonding Policies
A minimum payment from you is required to post bail and we will cover the rest. Total fees may vary according to the state's regulations and the offense that the charged persons have committed. We have a no-limit policy with regards to the amount required to post your bail bonds. Of course, we will accept collateral to cover your bail bonds.

Handcuffs - Post Bail in Middletown, NY

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